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Tunnel Up / Tunnel Down - English

VPN introduction Zine

This zine is all about how virtual private networks function, why and when to use them, what free and open source software is available. Technical language is simple, yet still valuable to users with various backgrounds of computer knowledge. It gives examples of how the IPsec protocol and openVPN software can establish secure network connections.

You can download the pdf, or if you would like to support the tech zines project you can tip us a coffee, or consider to buy a printed copy. You can send us an email to place the order.  Zines exchange is also welcome!

SIZE A5 148 x 210mm (5.8 x 8.2in)
PRICE Physical copy: 12€ (shipping included)
PRINT-AT-HOME On A4 paper, choose landscape and double side in the printer's options. If your printer does not support double side printing, then print odd pages first, flip them from the smaller side, and print the even pages. When pages are printed, get the stuck and fold in the middle.