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Tunnel & Backups & Raspberry-pi

How to install an openVPN service in a raspberry-pi and use it for remote backups

This zine goes over an openVPN installation to establish remote access to our home's local network. It concludes with how to do remote backups over this openVPN tunnel. It is a manual meant for users with some command line and basic networking knowledge, as well as for users who want to experiment with networking, privacy and creating new networks. The content involves a terminal and command lines, and focuses on a raspberry-pi. It is written in an accessible language by an author who came to the networking universe and grasps what it means to be an adult newbie in the competitive milieu of computer geeks and hackers.

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SIZE A5 148 x 210mm (5.8 x 8.2in)
PRICE Physical copy: 12€ (standard shipping included)